Seeking God is beautiful. There was a time in my life when fear prevented me from seeking God and surrendering all to Him. I was a born again believer, but I was so afraid of letting go of my will.

When we put God FIRST, all other things fall into their proper place or drop out of our lives. Our love of the Lord will govern the claims for our affection, the demands on our time, the interests we pursue, and the order of our priorities.

ezra taft benson

I did not see the benefit of seeking God alone. Christ didn’t feel enough. What about my dreams and goals? I’d always believed God was present to fuel them.

Until God started showing me how limited and shortsighted I was. Christ is balanced diet. Physically, Financially, Mentally and Spiritually. He’s a strategic God! And He has so many good things in store for me. If only I can be patient to follow His leading.

And so when God started calling me deeper, I asked Him.

How does a man chase you?” And He replied,

“How do you chase your dreams?”

It took me a while to understand and see God as my purpose and destiny. And it’s not surprising because it’s an innate desire of man to pursue visible things that look promising.

It’s the reason why we make investments and enrol in courses or programs that will bring profit and recognition.

As humans we crave acceptance and a sense of belonging. It’s the reason why men do the things they do. People spend their lives building and chasing the next best thing because a picture is being painted before them.

But in chasing and seeking God, there’s a way we can be lackadaisical about it. Chasing God isn’t visible to the natural man because we are used to investing our life into things we can see. Things that will benefit us in the long run. It’s the reason why subconsciously we analyse God by what He brings to the table.

What can this God do for me?

Oh, if he can give me things that pertain to my natural life, I will worship him.

So He becomes like an idol to us that we can pacify with some prayers and songs.

Sing this song seven times, pray twenty one times after midnight, call his name fifty times and viola! Your problem is gone. He will come to you with signs and wonders.

With such a mindset, it’s hard to see God as a lifestyle hence the reason some people fall prey to false teachers.

As babies, maybe we were gullible, but as we grow, God demands more from us.

We need to start asking ourselves deep questions. We need to sit with our thoughts and peruse our reasons for seeking God.

If our call as Christians is to seek God above all else and our destiny is to transform into the image of Christ, then what are the benefits?

How do we know we aren’t chasing him in vain?

How can we keep abiding when life seems stagnant in the natural?

What do we stand to lose?

And if we lose, is our chasing God worth it at the end of it all?

We exist for the sole purpose of seeking God

We may believe we exist for different reasons as society preaches to us.

But as far as God is concerned, his reason for creating Mankind is to come into the Fullness of His Son. –Ephesians 4:13. So whatever we do (career, marriage, lifestyle) has to be a means to an End, and not the End itself.

God is the End and we must come to the Knowledge of this Truth.

If our goal is to make impact and chase other things that don’t result in the end result God desires, we underutilize ourselves as humans and miss our capacity to attain ultimate fulfilment and purpose.

We may have done everything our heart desires on Earth and believe heaven is our retirement home.

But it doesn’t work that way. Eternity begins here and now.  Earth is the place our pleasing God begins.

Earth is where Christ is formed.

Not afterwards.

We reap what we sow. If we aren’t sowing into God’s life and purpose by seeking Him above all else, we won’t reap from it. It’s that simple. Even in the natural, we gain from what we’ve invested in.

Restored youthfulness

He gives power to the faint and increases the strength of the weak. Even the youths may faint and grow weary, and young men stumble and fall. But those who wait upon the LORD will renew their strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint.

isaiah 40:31

Your soul is restored when you keep seeking God. Earthly pursuits wear out our souls and leak out life and love from us. Because we were meant to chase God while those things come after us.

But we have made it the opposite.

There are times I’m so exhausted within my soul I feel like forty or fifty when I’m not even close. Man sinned and the countdown to age and death began. Sin made us wise, but unto death.

People have a false impression of God as a Gandalf looking guy, probably because he’s been alive for ages. But you’d be surprised to see God is a young man with childlike vibrancy.

Because He’s new every morning.

He’s beautiful, pure and everlasting. His heart is golden so how can he age? How can he die? It’s not in his nature to do evil. He only does good.

No wonder a man without a pure or childlike heart can’t see or comprehend him.

I’m slowly realizing that the more I seek God, the easier it is for me to forgive and let go of offences. In the past, it took a lot to make me happy. I would brood, easily fall into depression and feel deprived but chasing God has changed my story.

Sometimes, I would feel so down and dark inside but seeking God keeps cleansing me till I am pure and vibrant like my saviour.

And it’s been worth it so far.

Our End is assured, our future glorious

Better is the End of a thing than the beginning

ecclesiastes 7:8

I remember the first time I stepped into Pharmacy school. I was nervous but excited! While my enrolment into Pharmacy school was good, graduating was far better. It showed success. I wasn’t the same girl who went in. Knowledge had changed me. I knew better than what I knew when I’d just began the journey.

It’s the same with seeking God. We don’t get the salvation package all at once. It’s a process. The knowledge of his life changes us from who we were at the Newbirth as we grow into Sonship.

We become wiser, better and Christ-like than when we first got in.

It is when we overcome that we can be celebrated. So ensure you’re not sidetracked and your faith is not shipwrecked along the way. -1Tim1:19.

It is the reason why we must run our race. Not aimlessly but with a purpose; with a desire to come into God’s fullness and nothing less than this.

I hope the above reasons have inspired you to seek God. There are a million benefits to chasing God, but these are the few I could share here. But in chasing God, you would gain more than your mind could ever comprehend.

In this life and even in the life to come- Matthew 19:29

Bloom with Love. Xx!