I moved from Glowingscenes to BuildtoBloom! And I think I am a week late to the introduction party. But who says one size fits all huh?

I actually sent in a Newsletter to my subscribers about the Blog change but I felt an official introduction would also be great for those who might be new and joining us for the first time. Also this is for those who might be searching for Glowingscenes online and need clarification on the new development.

First of all, I would like to appreciate everyone who stuck around even with my time away from the glowingscenes blog. I believe God kept you, not me. And I pray you are fulfilled as you explore the pages of the blog.

God had and has you in mind hence his desire to create a safe haven for thriving souls who will live for his glory.

I also want to use this opportunity to welcome our new followers/subscribers. It’s so good to have you here!

Here are the following updates:

I recently moved from Glowingscenes to BuildtoBloom. The purpose of the blog is changing hence the name.


I will be sending my Newsletter once a week or once in two weeks. I don’t want to spam you hence I opted for this choice. But my subscribers get an inside gist exclusive to them alone. If you’d like to partake of our feast, you can subscribe here:

You can read my About me page to understand the new purpose of the blog.

During my time away from the blog, God taught me so much and this has helped me and I desire to help you too. In the past I used to post stories on the blog weekly, but things are going to change. God wants to be involved in every area of our lives (spiritual, mental, physical, social, financial) and it took me a while to understand the possibility of this happening.

Welcome to the New

You might be wondering about my old blog posts where I wrote over 300 articles in the past. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’ve been writing since 2012 but my writing is being refined both spiritually and physically by God. Slowly, as God kept crawling into my life spiritually, the evidence spilled through physically till he took over completely. Old things (blog) have passed away, behold the new is come.

And this is the new. I hope we can welcome the New together.

I’m thankful for growth, because the more room we give Him, the more He transforms us.

God has so many exciting things in store for us. I also have a buildtobloom instagram page you can follow here. I’m still waiting on God for direction, and I trust Him to keep revealing His will and purpose for the IG page and other things to follow.

Thank you once again for hanging around. Have an amazing time looking through, and make yourself comfortable.

I do hope we have an amazing time together on this space.

May we thrive on God’s love together.

P.S You can send me a mail at buildtobloom@gmail.com or check out my contact page here

Bloom with Love. Xx!