As a growing believer, I’ve learned over time that I need to trust God’s timing in all things, not mine.

Because His plans and purpose for me are the best.

I once read a caption that said,

‘If you want to walk with God, you had better throw away your wristwatch.

Accurate words.

I’ve learned so much in my little time on earth to know that for everything in life, there’s a time and season. But when I try to push things, I get frustrated.

Besides, God makes everything beautiful… not in my time, or in the world’s time, but when He says it’s time.

Ever heard some declarations that would go,

Before the end of the year, you would be married…

Before the end of next year, you’ll carry a bouncing baby boy or girl…

And then we put ourselves under pressure by placing a timing on things that should naturally take its course. When it doesn’t fit our time, we grow frustrated, get disappointed or upset that God isn’t coming through for us.

Now, this isn’t saying we should be slothful in business or wherever we find ourselves. Neither am I advocating that we shouldn’t declare prophesies or good things over our lives.

But wisdom enables us to know when to move and when to run. For there’s a season for everything. And when we don’t understand our seasons or refuse to let a season run its course, we end up feeling unfulfilled.

Understand God’s timing is no respecter of persons or society.

God’s ways are perfect and if He was able to orchestrate our salvation path (the most important part of our lives) without our help, then we need to trust him to handle every aspect of our lives.

When you seek God, God’s will cannot be hidden from you but trust He will come through for you.

It may not fit society’s timing or even our timing, but if it fits God’s timing, it’s perfect.

Abraham’s life paints a perfect illustration of this.

In haste to have a son, Abraham birthed Ishmael yet God did not change his mind about the promise.

Although it felt long and exhausting to wait on God, God still insisted that His will would be birthed through Isaac.

The reason why we sometimes miss out on God’s goodness could be as a result of our restlessness and fear of missing out on timeframes we may have set for ourselves.

There’s so much liberation when we rid ourselves of people’s perception of us, society’s expectations of us and preconceived standards we’ve built in our heads.

Timing God makes us neglect God’s standards.

No one says you need to have everything before or by 30.

God isn’t pressurizing you to get married before a certain age or have your babies within a timeframe.

You’re not more ‘blessed’ than your brother or sister if you become an entrepreneur at an early age, neither are you a failure if you don’t figure out your life sooner than you expected.

Time and chance just happens to everyone.

The most important thing is that we transform into Christ.

And if we don’t, then we’d fade away like the world and everything in it. -1John2:17

Our ability to trust God’s timing gives us peace

During my time away from the blog, when God instructed me to wait on Him, I think He tampered with a ‘wire’ in me that was subconsciously anxious about areas of my life that felt stagnant.

Obeying God deals with so many infirmities in our souls.

My season of waiting on God has healed me of hidden flaws within me, flaws I knew nothing about.

And because of this, I feel so liberated by trusting God’s plans for me in the visible and invisible.

For you will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you.

Isaiah 26:3-4

I find peace when I am able to trust God’s timing in all things.

While I am not perfect yet and the thoughts still spring up, I am more concerned about obeying God.

I want to look at my life and be complete with or without external things.

Perhaps someone may look down on you or despise you because of your season.

Beloved! Their perception of you because of your physical status isn’t defining you but the kind of people they are.

So rise above that and live life.

If your friend gets married, buys their dream house or travels the world before thirty, awesome!

Be happy for them. Celebrate them.

Never for one second think you’re less than or that God is passing you by because of mundane things.

Learn to find peace in God and His will for your life.

I’d be worried if Christ wasn’t formed in me. Because that’s the only thing that will stand the test of time and will be remembered by God forever.

The other things will end the day I die or when Jesus returns.

Understand your season

In order to trust God’s timing in all things, we need to understand that God doesn’t operate by our calendar, so his calculations aren’t based on that.

God’s timing operates on heavenly frequency and we need to align ourselves with His leading.

This means our journey may be slower and things may look rough on the outside.

Friends will think you weird.

Others might believe you’re obsessed about the whole Jesus thing and you’re taking it too far.

It means we might be mocked and teased as being foolish for trusting God and handing over the wheels to Him as we wait, but better is the end of a thing than the beginning.

And God whose opinion matters MUST be pleased with our life.

We cannot compare our season with another person’s season.

We need to focus, spend time praying and knowing God.

When we know him, he’s able to strengthen and keep us sane in every season we find ourselves.

I hope this helps you to discard any earthly timing the world may have burdened you with, and keep your gaze fastened on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

Bloom with Love. Xx!