I love being creative and the author of creativity wants us to be creative despite the way He’s often perceived.

God is creative! If you stop and look at yourself, your mind and even nature, you’ll appreciate the works of God’s hands. So as His children, creating should be part of us right?

God the Greatest Creative

There are many instances in the bible where we see God creating things. From the fishes in the sea to the blooming flowers and trees, we see His fingerprints working magic on earth.

Stop for a second and look at Mankind and how everything in us is intentionally structured to perform the right function.

What about the human mind and how it works? Ideas churning out from the factory of the heart, they spring to life when our hands and minds get to work.

Isn’t it amazing how every human born on this earth can create something? Regardless of how little it may look. Even in our careers, the talents and gifts we’ve find within.

The world calls it our Unique Selling Point (USP) or potentials locked inside Man. That thing that makes you different from others. That thing that makes you ‘feel’ special.

If the world sees things this way, then God must see things differently. Because God and the world don’t have a meeting point.

So let’s find out together.

Man’s creativity grew apart from God

Something happened to our source after the Fall.

Although Man was initially created in God’s image and likeness, after the Fall, Man’s definition of life took a definition outside God’s will and plan.

When Adam had lived 130 years, he had a son in his own LIKENESS, in his own IMAGE; and he named him Seth.

genesis 5:3

Man became his own ‘god’ the moment self came into view.

Man was still creative, but the SOURCE of his creativity had been tampered with darkness/sin.

With a dead spirit and a degenerating soul, the connection was broken. The toxin of Sin spread into the soul and polluted everything man could think of.

We see such evidences in Cain’s lineage. Cain departed from God’s presence and married a wife.

He also built a city and his lineage were mighty men on Earth. Genesis 4: 16-23.

Imagine building a city like Toronto or London and naming it after your child.

Cain’s lineage were Powerful Creatives. They were also good with tent-making, music (harp and flute), metal (bronze and iron).

Cain was even the first to introduce polygamy!

Fascinating right?

So God had to step in or man would keep producing things outside God’s will. And God knows what would have happen to us all.

We know what happened after Eve got deceived. We don’t need to look far. Look at Planet Earth today.

Christ over Creativity: Seeking God should triumph

When we compare Cain’s lineage to Seth’s lineage, there’s a stark difference.

While Cain and his crew were busy getting creative and birthing children despite their spiritual death, men from Seth’s lineage kept seeking God.

God recognized only Seth’s lineage as living souls. Because they were seeking Him above creativity or anything else.

They kept living by faith, interested ONLY in what God had to say, not caring if any creativity was going to come out of it.

Then men began to CALL on the name of the Lord.

genesis 4:26

Isn’t it amazing that wonderful men like Noah, Abraham, King David and Jesus came from such a lineage? A lineage that wasn’t bent on getting creative but on seeking out the author of creativity for His face?

And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him

genesis 5:24

To God, they were living. As long as they kept seeking, they were fulfilling purpose and their reason for existing.

God is invested and interested in the souls that seek Him out.

This is what the LORD says to Israel: “Seek me and LIVE;

amos 5:4

Because seeking him is Life itself. Dead souls don’t seek God; just like Cain’s lineage.

But seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.


Seeking God births True and pure creativity.

You don’t go looking for creativity the way the world goes searching for their muse. God brings it to you.


So when the idea comes, as lovers of God, we must be willing to wait and filter it through the HolySpirit.

Soul or Spirit? God or Me? God or my flesh?

Tower of Babel versus Noah’s Ark

The difference between Noah’s ark and the Tower of Babel was the SOURCE.

Though both pointed to God and were creative, only ONE could save man from death. Only One was acknowledged by God as being useful and true.

Because God was the one who produced the Ark idea, He was the one who saw it to the End. He was quite detailed with the instructions too.

Whatever God births from within you must be powerful enough to save you from death. It must be able to build you within even as you use it for others too.

Because it is pulled out from the depths of God’s own heart, it must be strong enough to point to Christ and form Christ within.

God is intentional with his ideas, goals and dreams. And God’s will no matter how small it looks can do wonders.

The tower of Babel had a false impression of pointing to God but the source was wrong.

Those men also wanted fame.

Besides, you don’t get to God that way. God hates shortcuts. We get in because God opens the door. Only a thief barges in that way.

And we know who has traits of barging into places the wrong way. We don’t want to act like him do we?

God created all men, but not all are eager to know His will.

Not all men produce God’s will.

Our role as Believers

As Christians who believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, we still have our wills and ways. The HolySpirit dwells inside us, but He didn’t possess us. We have the liberty to still choose His will.

We have a choice to seek God or chase our own dreams and goals.

This is because after getting born again, our hearts and soul didn’t change immediately. It’s a process.

Only our spirits became New. Our spirits got quickened from the dead.

Our desires, talents, dreams and goals are still intact. Deep within our souls.

So we must be ready to submit it and wait on God so he can lead us aright. He will let us know which should be discarded and which should be used.

And as we keep seeking Him, he keeps purifying our source. He keeps purifying our souls.

We now have a Master who guides us and desires to fashion our will to His.

Herein lies our salvation and soul prosperity. God is our life and so our definition of creativity must be redefined.

Our purpose is different. We aren’t to fight or strive as one who beats the air. Neither are we here to compete with the world.

Don’t be surprised if they even do it better. Because the world loves its own and promotes its own. But as Christians, we have one purpose.

To seek His face. To become like Christ within. Everything else will surely fall into place, plus our creativity.

I hope to share more on this topic with time.

Bloom with Love. Xx!