Switching careers in your 30s isn’t easy, especially when you’re uncertain about what the future holds. I have seen and read job applications expressing their interest in people below the age of 30. Although some people still manage to succeed and breakthrough the obstacles when switching careers, my anchor was/is in Christ alone. You can read up on my first post on switching careers here.

And my desire to have Him formed in Me as I lay down my will for His.

Truly, truly, I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a seed; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. Whoever loves his life will lose it, but whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.

john 12:24

God wants to be involved

Because God is interested in every facet of Life, and I am to grow up to Him in all areas, I didn’t just want to do anything because people were doing it.

I was learning about my destiny and purpose as a child of God so I couldn’t afford to compare or move with the crowd.

I wanted to do what God would have me do. Like David, I was learning to be led and lean on God to make a move. Like Jesus, I was learning to trust God’s word as the ultimate over my life.-John 5:19

I might have looked foolish but I was eager to know his will and how it pertained to my life. Especially when I’d learned how doing and obeying his will meant I was worshipping Him.

I’d asked God how to chase Him. And He’d responded that the only way I could successfully seek Him was when I chased him the way I chased my dreams.

God wanted to become my dream. So I was learning and I’m still learning to leave my dreams and take up His.

His word confirmed this truth. So I believed I was safe to believe God wanted all my heart and soul seeking Him.

And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with ALL your heart.

jeremiah 29:13

In switching careers, I learned that obeying Him is the only way I can become Christlike: when I follow His dreams and plans, not mine. Allowing him design my life and doing His will was the only way I could please Him.

I will raise up for myself a faithful PRIEST, who will do according to what is in my HEART and MIND. I will firmly establish his priestly house, and they will minister before my anointed one always.

1samuel 2:35

As a potential Priest unto God in the New Testament, I’m learning I have to daily submit my will, hopes and dreams at the feet of Jesus.

God is seeking those who will DO ALL his Will. And I desire to be part of that team.

I couldn’t forfeit this knowledge about God in my heart and grow offended because He didn’t show up on my watch (because I had to wait and it wasn’t a straight forward road for me. There were curves and tears along the way).

Because with more knowledge comes great responsibility.

My future in Christ awaits

So I am still on this journey and so far I’ve garnered so much on the way. I have so much to share inclusive of my research and the courses I took on Linkedin. But I’ll take it one step at a time. I hope I can share the good and the bad sides with you and you can take one or two things away in your walk with God.

Now this isn’t a call to leave your job! Our stories are unique. For you, it might not be switching careers but something else. I’d been praying about my career and it was something in my heart I’d been trusting God for clarity.

All I’m trying to say is this:

God is interested in every area of our lives. And because we are not like the world, our first priority for having a job must not be money driven but Christ-driven.

And because our obedience translates to worship, it means we must be eager to let Him lead us.

God might be asking you to take a leap and you’re scared of the risk involved. You are scared your life will amount to nothing if you keep obeying God. You’ve grown so familiar with your accolades you’re unwilling to let them go.

They are your adornments/fig leaves that cover your nakedness. You feel reluctant and unwilling to give it up because the old feels safe. You look around you and everything is contrary to what God is demanding from you.

Trust me I’ve been here before! Figs are illusions and have nothing to offer you! God has better plans for you. Better than you can ever imagine! I can’t imagine having my life different from what God designed for me. The road has definitely not been smooth, but I’m here for the adventure.

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

jeremiah 29:11

Today I just want to implore you to love God with abandon! Heed his voice and take the risk. God is safe! Don’t hold back but surrender all to Him. I know it may feel terrifying but trust Him!

Never forget that He has promised to be with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you, no matter what happens. He is a good God and his ways are good. Don’t despise the process but trust the leading and use it as an opportunity to wax stronger in your faith

Bloom with Love. Xx!