My name is Itunu and thank you for stopping by. I’m a God-lover by heart and a habitual storyteller. Welcome to the blog where you’ll find me illustrating God with words.

I love to weave God in my stories, giving you a clearer picture of how beautiful He is and how he can be revealed through our lives.

On the side, I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee, new books and the feel of warm hugs.

They get me every single time!

Build-To-Bloom was inspired by God’s desire to create a safe haven for thriving souls. With resources available at your fingertips, my goal is to keep you motivated in Christ Jesus, not settling for less until you become like Christ. Because only when we become can we find rest and live fulfilled lives: In our relationships, career, creativity and lifestyle choices.

As the blog name implies, you are meant to flourish not just exist. And the only way to thrive on God’s love is being built up as His city and temple where he can abide forever.

Matthew 5:14, Revelations 21:2-3, 1Peter2:5, Ephesians 2:22

Is your soul searching for the rest promised by God so you can live out your best life on Earth? Perhaps you want to know why you exist and find contentment in His plan and purpose for you, whatever that may be. Then you’ve come to the right place. You can grab a cup of coffee and join me.

I hope this place provides you with the answer you seek so you can begin to live from the inside out.


Bloom with Love. Xx!

itunu taiwo