Born into wealth, Lara Olakitan has everything a girl could ever want: Money, fame, family, friends and a fiance envied by all. With everything and everyone at her beck and call, she can’t help thriving on the attention the world showers her.

Until tragedy strikes, dark secrets unfold and Lara’s world crumbles.

Nimi Adeyemi is Lara’s Personal Assistant and understands the battles Lara faces. As a woman with a resilient and passionate heart for Jesus, she believes she has the answer to Lara’s problems and longs to save her.

But when Nimi suddenly finds herself in the middle of it all, she is startled by the internal conflicts waging war within her soul. She slowly realises Lara is not the only one who needs saving and is compelled to make a choice that could either make or mar them both.

But what if choosing the right path meant losing everything?

Reviews For Beautiful Wings

I really loved the story. I even cried reading some parts, they became real to me while reading them. The book just made me remember the fact that God will always love me, regardless of the challenges. It also made me know Jesus more and aroused my appetite for God’s love. – Busayo

I love the book. I especially love the emphasis on obedience, and how God seeks to cleanse, purge and save our souls with every situation and circumstance that He allows to happen to us. It is a must-read for everyone who loves God and wants to live for His pleasure – Toyosi

A day well spent reading this! Such a story of love, romance, salvation and obedience beautifully intertwined. A thousand times worth the read. Anticipating the Sequel. – Goodness .W.

Beautiful Wings was a journey for me. I can count the number of times I would drop my phone and just pray about everything and I’m led to pray about. It touched my soul and I just want to love God with my all. This novel is a definite yield to God’s spirit. Thank you for yielding- Ovayozah

I rejoiced, I cried! My heart did gbim gbim. But what joy at the end! God would have all men saved. –Olayinka O.

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